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201 N Jackson Street, Mobile Alabama, 36603, P.O. Box 831, Mobile Alabama, 36601

About Us

The Mobile Bar Pilots serve the State of Alabama to prevent marine incidents that would result in harm to the environment, the public, and mariners; and to maintain a smooth and efficient flow of maritime commerce. These services are required by State Law to ensure the reliability of pilotage in Alabama.

Our Services

As a full service pilot organization, The Mobile Bar Pilots provide pilotage services to vessels engaged in domestic and foreign trade.  All members are both state and federally licensed for unlimited tonnage throughout the Port of Mobile.

24/7 Dispatching

Three dispatchers maintain vessel operations year round, 24 hours per day in Mobile. The Mobile Bar Pilots Station is located on the East End of Dauphin Island, Alabama. The station is manned 24/7 with professional launch captains who help coordinate traffic under direction of the dispatcher on duty.

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201 N Jackson Street, Mobile Alabama, 36603

P.O. Box 831, Mobile Alabama, 36601



Phone: 251. 432.2639
Fax: 251. 432.9964